Request For Paul Watson Extradition Officially Sent to Germany

Paul Watson Costa Rica

Costa Rica asked to Germany to send the controversial environmentalist Paul Franklin Watson to be judged for the crime of risk of shipwreck in Costa Rica.

The Foreign Ministry will forward the request for extradition of Captain Watson to the Embassy policy in Germany.

The exhort was ready since Friday when the Secretary of the Supreme Court referred it to the Foreign Ministry.

The document includes the risk of shipwreck indictment and extradition document, officially translated in English, French and German.

Carlos Vargas, legal director of the Foreign Ministry, said that will follow the procedures of the “Apostille of The Hague,” that the Department of Authentication must follow under international law.

Thus, the document is sent by mail to diplomatic representation in Germany and then to the judicial authorities there.

The captain of the Sea Shepherd was arrested on May 13 at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, for an international arrest warrant for extradition at the request of San Jose Criminal Court and was later released on bail.

The environmentalist met on May 24, at a restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany with Costa Rican Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo in order to facilitate a rapprochement with the judicial authorities of the country.

The President of Sea Shepherd said he hopes to return to Costa Rica to answer for his court case, once his lawyer in our country can clarify his legal status.

Watson also offered to reconcile with the fishermen of the boat the Varadero without success. According to the indictment, the Ocean Warrior intercepted the Varadero I and crashed in international waters because supposedly, the crew was performing shark finning.

Watson’s lawyer, Federico Morales, alleged a procedural defect, arguing that the captain never was notified in his home in Canada of the date of trial in Costa Rica and, in absence, declared him guilty.

This management is still pending in court and already gave audience to all parties but has not yet been resolved.

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