Referendum Could Remove Government Control Over Leadership of the CCSS


The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) authorized to collect signatures for a referendum that would remove the power from the government to elect the executive president of the Social Security Fund (CCSS).

The measure was proposed by a group of insured persons of the CCSS who pretend that three members of the Board of Directors are elected by a group representing the public and not by the governing council.

According to the Constitutive Act of the Social Security Fund, the chief executive of the institution and two other members are elected by the governing council, three-sector employers and three more for the labor sector.

The court gave the green light to the project and will now allow the collection of signatures to call a referendum or not. According to members of the TSE is required 5% of voter signatures, equivalent to 148,000 according to a court inMarch.

Once collected the signatures, the Court will review and authorize the commencement of the referendum where the people will decide if the Governing Council or the citizens who elect the three members of the board of the CCSS.

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