Red Tides Hit Quepos Region

Bad odor, yellow foam and dark discoloration of sea water, are characteristic of a red tide. This phenomenon that hit this month in the central Pacific coast is a situation that has affected the tourism and fishing.

Antonio Porras, technical director of the Costa Rican Institute of Fishing and Aquaculture (Incopesca), said the first sampling period was collected in the waters of the Pacific was made before Easter, after dozens of fishermen gave warning about it.

“The red tide is created by the proliferation of certain bacteria and algae that exist in the water, which at one point divide without control and that excess means that many die and produce changes in the color of sea water, its pigments ” said Porras.

He said the red tide, according to the samples, could be toxic or not and that depends on the type of bacteria and algae.

“In the case of Quepos, we determined that it is not toxic, but the official said it was not recommended to eat mainly double-shell mussels such as clams, mussels and oysters, which are more prone to contamination.

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