Rebels Takes The Streets Of Limon

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Since last Wednesday, the city of Limon does not sleep in peace. The reason for this vigilance is that it has formed groups of rebels that take the main roads at night to cause unrest using the excuse to support the dockworkers’ strike that started on Tuesday of last week.

During the last two nights, these people closed streets, threw stones, fired into the air and even burned tires and a container of bananas in Cieneguita neighborhood.

In Japdeva Workers Union (Sintrajap) indicated that these groups operate under the “blanket” of the strike, but they are split rule out the strike.

“We as a trade union, we repudiate this kind of acts of vandalism, these criminals have no relation with the union and take advantage of the strike,” said Jose Luis Castillo, who is secretary of finance workers union.

He added that since the security forces took the dock, union members have acted peacefully.

“It’s not much what we can do with these people. We are responsible for union members not to do this kind of attitude, “said Castillo.

The police are not sure who are these criminals, who act only in the evenings and early mornings in areas away from the docks.

Paul Bertozzi, deputy director of forces, in charge of the operation in Limon, said the problems are in the avenues.

“We do not understand if these youth groups are linked with the theme of the docks. Suddenly, we have people making blocks and trying to destabilize the city, “he said yesterday morning.

Moreover, the negotiations between the government and the union yesterday gave no signs of approach to allow lifting of the strike.

Ronaldo Blear, Sintrajap secretary, maintained his position to negotiate a shared agenda between the problems of the port and the needs of various sectors of Limon.

Meanwhile, the Government requests to negotiate the issues separately.

The security forces is still in charge of the docks of Moin and German. Allan Hidalgo, chief executive of Japdeva, said that the transaction is 100%.

Yesterday, a group of 250 dockworkers marched peacefully through the streets of Limón to demand the government to modify the concession granted to the firm APM Terminals for the new port in Moin.

They ask, amend Article Nine of the contract, awarded by the foreign company’s specialization for handling containers.

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