Rainy Season Around the Corner

The rainy season is starting throughout the country and the Central Valley is expected to be in full swing by April 13th.

This is the most recent forecast from the National Meteorological Institute. It is hoped that a breakthrough in relation to last year in the consolidation of the rainy season.

The Meteorological Institute specialist, Juan Diego Naranjo, said, the rains of this week are due to the transitional phase already starting in some sectors, mainly in the South Pacific and the Central Valley.

But what does this mean for coffee growers in the areas affected? Roberto Mata, representing the farmers’ cooperativede Dota, said that depends on the amount of water that falls whether this can be detrimental to crops.

The coffee crop takes on average two thousand milliliters of water to develop in good shape.

According to information from the National Meteorological Institute, the entire month of April is a month of transition from dry to rainy season.

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