Quepos Gang Robs Businesses At Gunpoint

Several people waiting for medical care in a private clinic in downtown Quepos were threatened by armed men who entered the premises for the purpose of taking the money from the cash register. After a few minutes the alleged gang members escaped with ¢ 195 000, cell phones and wallets.

According to Carlos Martinez, police chief in the area, the thieves entered at 7.00pm Tuesday to the office of Dr. Mojarro, specifically located in Barrio Los Angeles. These robbers pointed a gun at the receptionist and a doctor to demand the money.

The other thieves came in and attacked the patients with knives and forced them to surrender their belongings.

Martinez said: “We moved to avoid an assault at a private clinic, three men allegedly took the money from the cash and personal belongings of those who were at the scene. The case was now with the Judicial Investigation ”

The judicial authorities presume that this is a gang since we already had two hits, one in a restaurant and another in a hotel (both of Manuel Antonio).

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