Quality of Tico Seafood Under the Scope

Experts at the National University are investigating the quality of the seafood consumed by Costa Ricans.

By poor handling, this causes most products to decompose in a few days.

The cold rooms are fresh, but often the fish have several days of leaving the water and handling is not adequately done.

For this reason, many professionals are looking at,”the quality of what Ticos are eating”.

The are currently investigating some products purchased in fish markets in the Central Valley and Puntarenas.

According to specialists, those specimens with red blood, recorded a more rapid deterioration, such as tuna, mackerel and dorado.

Research also is geared to determine how much marine products are being vacuum packed.

The quality control laboratory also began in October, a study on water quality at nine points of the Gulf of Nicoya, to know the salinity and temperature among others.

One of the recommendations of the experts is to buy products that are covered with ice and not on it.

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