Prosecutor will investigate detainees concerning the border road

One of the six detainees in the actions of the Judicial Investigation this morning is in cells of the Judiciary, two are from Guápiles and others are in the process of investigation.

At 9:30 a. m. Attorney General of the Republic, Jorge Chavarria and deputy prosecutor of probity, transparency and anti-corruption. Juan Carlos Cubillo, provide details regarding the operations this morning, in which they managed to arrest six people for the event “the trail”.

In DNA radio (90.7) the lawyer José Miguel Villalobos, who defends four of the detainees (Miguel Francisco Ramirez, Manuel Serrano, David Castillo and Geovanny Baralis) said that although the prosecutor has the power to move them to the police, it was only necessary to send a citation and they had attended the attendance.

He added that normal protocol, first detainees would be in the cells and then they will be investigated by the prosecution.

He recalled that the complaint was the May 4 and raids in June. “If these people had wanted to leave the country, they would have done without returning because they had no exit restriction or injunction,” he said.

In his opinion, what he knows about the record, there is insufficient evidence to be proven by circumstantial such a crime. So he believes, should not dictate any remand in this case, much less risk of flight.

For him enough precautionary measures to keep them tied to the process, as have remained voluntarily since May 4.

At the same station, Rep. Patricia Perez, president of the special commission that studied the case, said there could be more arrests and have worked at all with the prosecution.