Prosecutor Investigates Vice-President Liberman and Minister Garnier

Vice President Luis Liberman and Education Minister Leonardo Garnier, are investigated by the prosecution for the crime of influence peddling in favor of the consultant, Florisabel Rodriguez.

In this way the prosecutor is pressing the government of Laura Chinchilla, who decided to continue in office to Liberman and Garnier after a report of the Office of Ethics that were attributed “ethics violations”.

That was their conclusion after analyzing the letters written on behalf of an enterprise of Rodriguez to opt for a contract of ¢ 17 million in Recope.

The case is being investigated from the penal and to find out if Garnier and Lieberman violated or not Article 52 of the Law of Illicit Enrichment. If it determines that it violated, exposed to the dismissal and a penalty of between two and five years in prison.

The State decided to start the investigation without any claims, said yesterday the attorney general, Jorge Chavarria, who will handle the case because it involves two senior leaders of the government.

Vice President Lieberman said yesterday that he knew of the investigation of the prosecution, and that he is happy, “because this really is a formal process” as opposed to their views on the procedures of the Office of Ethics.

“They do their job and I can not refer to detail. This is something we expected, “he said.

Garnier, meanwhile, said he respects “the courts”. “This stuff everyone concerned when the two processes occur, but I am calm.”

This Tuesday, after any error and reject Garnier criticized the Office of Ethics, some officials of the Office visited his office and also Liberman, But Garnier said he was unaware that officials had visited his office this week.

This happens almost four months after The Nation published the existence of these letters for Rodriguez, who advised Laura Chinchilla in the political campaign and also part of this government, from the presidential palace.

Public Prosecutions also is developing a research on the Costa Rican Oil Refinery (Recope) on a contract that is under investigation by the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR), the Legal Division to decide whether to open an administrative hierarchy of Recope.

The prosecution intends to have two months in the research contract between Recope and Processes. Then decide if they ask or not to lift the immunity of Garnier and Liberman said the attorney general.

The cancellation of immunity would eventually power of Congress, where most opposition representatives were able to block the project schedule as leverage to ask Laura Chinchilla the renunciation to Liberman .