Prosecutor investigates 10 municipalities that received Recope asphalt

Crown prosecutor investigate 10 municipalities that received asphalt donated by Costa Rican Oil Refinery (Recope) and the product was not used in its entirety for the work to which was destined.

According to the investigation, Recope donated 1,574,390 liters of high quality asphalt emulsion (AC-30) in 2010 to those local governments, but were detected missing 70% of the product.

All the asphalt that supposedly was not used in the repair of roads, has a value of ¢ 257 million, according to estimates by Recope.

The judicial authorities raided the offices of the city councils of Cartago, Jimenez, Barva, Santa Barbara, San Paulo, Buenos Aires, Golfito and Liberia, and the municipal councils of district Paquera and Cóbano.

Also enteredto companies as Orosi Siglo XXI Group S. A., National Asphalt Concrete (Conansa), Construction Raasa S. A., Otto Transportes Ltda Corrales and the home of a former mayor of Jiménez, surnamed Solano.

Juan Carlos Cubillo, deputy prosecutor of Probity, Transparency and Anti-Corruption, said the “mega-deals” was performed to find documentation to determine why it was not used all donated material.

“This caused a serious injury to the municipalities and citizens who continue to bad roads,” he said.

The case was handled by the crime of embezzlement, punishable by until 12 years in prison. For the moment, there are no detainees.

The procedure to donate asphalt and asphalt emulsion allows Recope deliver up to 120,000 liters per year to municipalities that meet certain requirements. They must submit a draft maintenance or improvement of roads.

Once Recope approves, the municipality has 45 days to remove it.

The Prosecutor reported that 10 municipalities Transport Company hired Otto Corrales to take the asphalt to the other companies surveyed.

“Officials of municipalities dealt directly with the companies investigated and failed to make the bidding process. In other cases, investigate irregular agreements between local government officials and the companies investigated, in order to subtract the asphalt donated, with the aggravating circumstance that were not achieved projects for which the donation was made, “says Attorney document.

They tried to get the version of Grupo Orosi, but its press representative, Elena Morales, said she would not comment. Also emailed to Raasa manager, Sergio Araya, and did not answer. For Conansa and the former mayor of Jimenez, did not answer the phones that have registered. Neither responded Gustavo Madrigal, Transport manager Otto Corrales.

For its part, the Municipality of Cartago sent a statement yesterday: “This municipality has no storage tanks or the asphalt, and is placed in the company XXI Century. Currently, 90,000 liters are in custody. “