Prosecutor Charles Pascall accused this morning of money laundering

The Prosecutor’s Office of Organized Crime accused the president of FC Lemon, Charles Howden Pascall this morning for money laundering. Charles Howden Pascall has declined to make a deposition.

The debate began at 8:40 am, with the assistance of about 20 relatives of the accused, including his mother, uncles and his wife Sheran Brown.

At the reading of the indictment, prosecutors Luis Carlos Castro and Natalia Sarkis, said that Pascall administered all funds that his brother, Rony Arnold Morrison, transferred from U.S. banks to banks in our country.

The money, according to prosecutors, was promoted by a company selling cigarettes that Morrison had on an Indian reservation in America.

“Between 1996 and 2004, Ronny Arnold Morrison led a criminal organization in the U.S. , dedicated to homicide, assault, kidnapping, arson, robbery, extortion, smuggling and tax evasionfor the purpose to promote the sale of cigarettes, “the prosecution said.

At that time, the Office of New York began an investigation of these criminal activities, for which Morrison made transfers to the accounts of Pascall, “to prevent the money was made available to American justice.”

Morrison was sentenced to 10 years in prison and discounts the penalty in New York.

The prosecution specified in the indictment that Pascall acquired investment bonds, bought a large number of vehicles, motorcycles, ships, and land, houses and patents, which legitimized the money.

Juan Jose Herrera Picado, Pascall lawyer of Pascall, said his client is innocent and that the U.S. banking controls, , are very strict to prevent money laundering.

When gave, the word to Pascal declined to testify. The judgment will resume at 1:30 pm with the testimony of witnesses,

Pascal has been detained since June 2 last year when he was arrested at his home in downtown Limon.

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