Productivity Sectors Dissatisfied With Government of Chinchilla

On Tuesday, May 1, it will be the second anniversary of Chinchilla Miranda controlling the country. The productive sectors analyze the performance from their field of work, industry, tourism and food and are dissatisfied and even feel displaced.

For the food industry sector, the Chamber said that the agenda productive activity has not made any progress and actually make a negative balance.

The industry in general has increased, but in the House say that this is due more to the international market rather than internal, as in the country it is a bad climate for competitiveness. They point out three issues that are vital but have been absent in the administration.

The tourism sector regrets the lack of clear policies to support the activity.

The sectors have requests, requirements and outstanding issues that the Government should consider to comply at the earliest and will continue to hope that the administration of Chinchilla will listen and follow the suggestions for better production and competitiveness.

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