Prison Nurse Busted Selling Drugs in La Reforma

A secretary who worked at the prison clinic in La Reforma was arrested yesterday morning with four packages of marijuana (452 grams) within the prison.

The worker, surnamed Castro, was caught in the first place entry by police officers of the penitentiary at around 7. m .

At this time she was starting to work.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s report, Castro was reviewed by prison officials and they found drugs in one of the two bags she was carrying.

When they did the field test on the substance, the result was positive for marijuana.

Therefore, the officers called the agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), and together with the district attorney Floribeth Rodriguez, took the woman to the Courts of Justice in San Jose, for questioning.

The prosecution said that the four packages of drugs would be delivered to a convict.

Fernando Ferraro, Deputy Minister of Justice, said the Penitentiary Police was investigating the secretary three months ago for suspicious activity.

She was nine months working in La Reforma, but earlier she used to work in the prison Gerardo Rodriguez.

Authorities are investigating if the woman just introduced drugs into penal institution, or if she used the clinic to distribute among the prisoners when they had medical appointments.

Castro’s case will be passed to the Office of flagrancy, where requested custody while obtaining the final result of criminology report of the drug.

With the arrest of Castro, now there are nine prison officials arrested in the last six months to introduce drugs into prisons.

In the case of La Reforma there has been four people arrested with surnames Retana, Alpizar, Rios and Corrales. Respectively, they worked from July 2010, February 2005, December 2004 and August 1999.

In the case of other prisons, the police arrested an official surnamed Perez in the prison in San Rafael, who worked from September 1995. In Puntarenas, another agent, named Carvajal, worked since June 1999.

In addition, an employee of the jail Gerardo Rodriguez, named Martinez, who began working in July 1999, and another official named Obando, Guápiles.

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