Pricing for technical inspection ranging from ¢ 8,000 to ¢ 360,000

The vehicular technical review will be more drastic in January and, with it, will increase mandatory repairs to pass the test.

Not to be unprepared, save money and be aware that some minor defects (such as a loose mirror), will become serious faults.

Must also be aware of the good condition of bearings, belts, springs (leaf spring), suspension, transmission and emission control system of the car,because its defects or malfunctions are the main causes for losing the review.

The cost of repairs or replacement of some of these parts, ranging from ¢ 8,000 to ¢ 360,000, according to inquiries from The Nation garages. The amounts vary according to the make and model of vehicle.

For example, it would be very easy to get the screwdriver to adjust a loose mirror. However, if it must be replaced, each worth between ¢ 20,000 and ¢ 80,000, said Eddie Gonzalez, of the Automotive Association of Comprehensive Costarricenses Workshops (Penthouse).

However, if the mirrors are electric, like a Chevrolet Blazer, the cost of buying one of these devices up to ¢ 125,000.

Variations in the Technical Review Manual were approved in June, but were granted six months for drivers to make these repairs, said yesterday Silvia Bolaños, director of the Road Safety Council (Cosevi).

Among the most significant changes is that all vehicles entering the country after 1993 must have seat belts in the rear seats.

The lateral belts must be three points (including a strip from the shoulder) and the central two-point (lap), said Marvin Salazar, chief audit of Cosevi.

Most cars have one referred to in the seat belts to install. A cheap belt worth ¢ 8,000, but the price can go up to ¢ 60,000 each, said Eddie Gonzalez.

It is also necessary that any car that entered after 2009, have headrests on all seats.

If the car does not bring factory, Aticos spokesmen recommend changing the complete seat, because it is cheaper.

A pair of seats used costs ¢ 40,000, Gonzalez said.

What if it will apply to all vehicles is required to have a muffler “to prevent noise pollution.”

A silencer manufactured in Costa Rica costs between ¢ 15,000 and ¢ 18,000 and if foreign brand from ¢ 25,000 to ¢ 35,000.

In serious faults include the steering box, seats and fuel tank are not loose and that the hoses are properly connected to the tank.

Also considered serious deficiencies and loss SyC Riteve test if fastening systems are damaged or there is a danger that the different parts of the vehicle chassis arising.

If one of the steering knuckles are damaged, its change could cost about ¢ 18,000. However, if the damage is in the suspension and the mechanic recommended to change the entire system, the arrangement could rise to ¢ 360,000.

In January these changes should be ready for cars whose plates ending in 1 and 2.