PriceMart Accident Due to Human Error


The supermarket Pricesmart recognized that the fall of a platform in the store of Escazu, which caused injury to a client, was due to human error.

For the first time since the accident on June 8, Vice President of Operations, Manrique Ugalde, showed his face. And justified the silence by saying: “It was not arrogance, it was the lack of experience in handling these types of situations.”

In a press conference made yesterday at the Hotel San José Palacio, Ugalde said: “The accident was due to human error, a bad judgment of value.”

He also said that three days after the accident, reorganized the storage of platforms in supermarkets for not stowing a platform over another in the highest level of the shelf.

Precisely the accident that injured the Peruvian Zaida del Carpio Lopez (74 years) was because the platform with blenders boxes that fell was placed on boxes of handkerchiefs.

“We have developed this practice in Costa Rica since 2000. We have never had an accident of this nature. And we decided to eliminate the practice, “he said.

The victim of the accident is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of Hospital CIMA since early Monday.

Hugo Villegas, a surgeon and son of the woman, said her mother’s condition is “stable, but delicate.” The perforation in the aorta that was presented a few days ago was controlled with treatment, he said.

Moreover, he added that breathing difficulties persist, and his mother is going to be in the hospital for two or three days more.

Ugalde The vice president, noted that the costs of hospitalization and medical care at the home that the family had to pay until 29 June, were paid with two checks for ¢ 4 million and $ 3,800 (about ¢ 2,000,000).

“Payments were made at first, were made by our bank accounts. We do not want to expose them to a situation where they will be homeless. If necessary make advances of money, we are willing to do it, “he said.

In addition, said they are anuantes to reconcile with the victim, by an alternative process of conflict, to avoid a “painful process”. Dr. Hugo Villegas voiced that are open to talk and fix everything they can.

“We understand and share the pain of the family in these difficult moments. We believe that, at this point, most important is your health. We hope that Mrs. Zaida can be well very soon, “he said.

Meanwhile, Villegas said that after June 29, Pricesmart knew of other bills for medical expenses, but never paid. “At the moment, all costs (since 29 June) have been paid by the family,” he said.

Villegas said that lawyers for the parties will have a meeting to determine what is the coverage of the policy of the National Insurance Institute (INS).

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