President’s Brother’s Home Robbed While He Was On Vacation in Guanacaste

A gang of more than 10 men attacked the house of Rafael Alberto Chinchilla Miranda – brother of the President of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla.

When the gunmen entered the house located in the area of Los Escuelas in Moravia there was no one inside so the criminals were likely in the house longer than 2 hours.

It is presumed that some members of the armed group monitored the house for several days before the attack. They knew that the homeowner was not there. They also knew that there was a woman looking after the house, she is apparently a national of Argentina and that day she left without leaving the alarm on.

Rafael Chinchilla 50-year-old, was on vacation in Guanacaste, a situation known to the thieves.

A source close to the case said, “There were more than 10 people with Colombian accents and Ticos. Outside the house there were two cars, one white and one black and one truck where much of the assets valued at approximately ¢20 billion were loaded. ”

The owner of the house is a renowned producer of commercials and films in our country, who kept some of their belongings insured and sought to keep the event as discreet as possible.

With two cars and a truck loaded with appliances, around 7am on a Monday and in the field of colleges in Moravia, it is almost impossible for the thieves to have gone very far, so police suspect possibly they unloaded very near where they committed the crime.

The OIJ is investigating to figure out what happened to identify the gang.

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