President of CNE Rejects Responsibility for Border Road

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The president of the National Emergency Commission (CNE), Vanessa Rosales, refused to talk yesterday to the deputies of the Legislative Commission on Public Income and Expenditure – her responsibility is to monitor and control the money used to build the border road with Nicaragua.

The chief said that budgetary control was the “responsibility” of the National Roads Authority (Conavi) and control belonged to the Comptroller General of the Republic.

“Conavi began construction of the route from the end of 2010 with own resources long before the Executive Branch emergency decree promulgated in March 2011,” she said.

She added that under the decree, the resources of the National Emergency Fund used for the construction of the route were ¢ 2.522 million, with 87% of the work was executed with Conavi budget.

According to the chief, to the acts of corruption committed by officials of Conavi, the CNE Board issued instructions to temporarily impossible to continue with drawings from the special account in Box Unique.

“(CNE) is the best provision that the ¢ 16,000 million remain in that account and used to continue the work,” said Rosales.

Paul Zuniga, legal advisor to the Board of the CNE, defended the actions of the institution. He alleged that the Attorney General’s Office had already supported the donation, so “protected by law” do not correspond to the audit.

The deputy of the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC), Luis Fishman, said that “the CNE wants to wash their hands” and said that they are responsible for following and see how resources are used when there is a declaration of emergency.

He claimed that, Rosales should return to the Commission because, after two hours of hearing, she left doubts.

Manrique Oviedo, Citizen Action Party deputy, said the CNE can not avoid having the control of these resources and must be responsible.

Alicia Fournier, the National Liberation Party, said the appearance made it “all very well explained.”

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