President Laura Chinchilla To The Rescue At Accident Scene


The guard of President Laura Chinchilla, stopped a driver who had an accident on Route 27 and tried to run away, leaving several people injured in the street as a result.

The accident happened around 9:00 p.m. this Sunday two miles west of the National Gymnasium on Route 27.

The driver of the Hyundai vehicle hit a divider rail causing three passengers to fly out the vehicle driven.

Witnesses said the driver tried to run away but behind him was the President of the Republic Laura Chinchilla with her escort.

The president said “I was very concerned to see three bodies lying on the road and a car trying to run away. Immediately I ordered the escort to stop and then I ordered the guard to follow the vehicle while we tried to prevent other vehicles further injuring the people who were ejected from the car.

Supposedly the driver was under the influence of liquor, and several bottles were found inside the vehicle.

The President of the Republic did not hide her discomfort. She expressed her displeasure at the recent decisions of the judges lowering the amount of sanctions and by the time they are taking in the Legislature to approve new traffic laws.

The injured were taken to hospital with multiple wounds while the driver was arrested.

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