Prepaid Internet will charge for downloads

The Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel) will establish a postpaid mobile internet fee per downloadand not by speed.

In this way is established in a resolution released on Friday, where the Superintendent authorizes apply this method to prepaid customers.

The decision of the Sutel, obeys to a request made by the three cellular operators for pricing mechanism that can be expanded to postpaid customers.

This change means that the service will be charged for the amount of data decantedand not by speed transmission.

Every kilobyte (kB) transferred was set at a maximum rate of 0.0086 ¢ (with tax).

However, representatives of Movistar, Kölbi, and Claro assured yesterday that they are not yet using the new valuation.

“We still are evaluating the offers that we could offer consumers”, said Victor Manuel Garcia, manager of Regulatory Affairs Of Claro company.

This system, he said, allows greater flexibility to companies to go to market with more innovative offerings.

Matías Senoran, communication manager Movistar, said they have not applied the new tariff. “I will communicate promptly” he reported.

Jaime Palermo, Manager of Clients of Kölbi (ICE phone brand) did not answer the query.

The prepaid mobile market dominates the Costa Rican estimated 5.5 million active connections.

In the assessment of speed was not considered the size of the download. A user paid the same if checked emails, or Facebook profile, if downloaded a movie or video.

To get an idea of how this may impact on the rate necessary to know how each service or applica equals n (app).

For example, check Facebook once cost ¢ 7 according to the app deployment and the wall material. Meanwhile, send a picture quality (1024 kbps) can cost about ¢ 10.

The modification in the payment system was approved in October by the Sutel, but did not enter into force until last Friday.