Polls and mean-spirited campaign motivated Rodrigo Arias to resign as candidate

Rodrigo Arias

January 7th, 2013 (InsideCostaRica.com) Rodrigo Arias, brother of former Costa Rica president Oscar Arias, said that the main reason for which he decided to resign as a presidential candidate was because of the “dirty” and mean-spirited nature of the campaign.

Questioned by the media, Arias accused several media outlets of being part of the “dirty and mean” campaign politics.

Arias also said that he recognized that opinion polls were not leaning in his favor, though he said “there was a perception about him that does not correspond to his true being.”

However, Arias said that since announcing his wishes to become president back in May, several political sectors have considered him “the man to beat.”

He also said his decision to not participate in the race was for his own well-being.

Arias, who has served two terms as Presidential Minister, also said “Figueres and Desanti’s dropouts changed the country’s political scenery.”

The battle for nomination in the National Liberation Party (Partido de Liberacion Nacional, PLN), therefore, will be between the ex-minister of security, Fernando Berrocal, and the Mayor of San Jose, Johnny Araya. However, Berrocal did not rule out a possible alliance with Araya.

Lastly, Arias thanked Costa Ricans for their support, promising that he will always serve the country.


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