Police Will Assist Ministry Of Health On Enforcing Smoking Bans

costa rica smoking

The Ministry of Health is in the process of regulating the smoking ban that was approved this Monday in the Legislature.

According to the chief of health, Daisy Corrales, the regulations will be ready for the second or third week of April.

Corrales said that they are considering doing it in three different areas: public health, and combating the smuggling charges and finally smoke-free spaces.

The project generates a series of fines for smokers and for locals who break the law.

For example, for selling loose cigarettes the fine is 180000 colones and for smoking in forbidden areas is 36000 colones.

Corales added that they will work with the Ministry of Security. The security forces will help with sanctions and fines. To achieve the objective, they will train police.

Security Minister Mario Zamora, said they are in a position to collaborate not only with the Ministry of Health, also with the tax police to tackle the possible smuggling of cigarettes.

The anti smoking plan eliminates the sale of loose cigarettes, generates a tax of 20¢ per cigarette and bans smoking in bus stops, taxis, trains, workplaces, bars and restaurants.

The law would take effect before the end of the first half of 2012.

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