Police Officer Arrested For Drug Trafficking

A member of the Drug Control Police (PCD) was arrested, who apparently took advantage of his position to go undercover with drug traffickers.

Man surname Sanchez Espinoza, worked as head of the office of the Drug Control Police at the airport Juan Santamaría, according to the prosecutor’s investigation, the man facilitated the release of “donkeys” carrying cocaine toGuatemala and Europe .

In three raids on Thursday, the prosecution and members of the PCD, led to the capture of Sanchez and another man named Pennant, who apparently served as liaison between police and drug providers, in addition, was responsible forrecruiting the donkeys.

The raids were conducted today in San Rafael de Heredia (police house) in SanSebastian (Pennant House) and the PCD office located at the airport.

The two detainees will be investigated in the afternoon in the First Judicial Circuit of San José, they are both attributed the crime of aggravated possessionof cocaine for trafficking.

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