Police in Limon Bust Man With 243 Kilos of High Grade Marijuana

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A shipment of 243 kilos of marijuana compressed – the variety known as “High Red”, was seized by the security forces in Limon.

According to police reports, it is a highly addictive drug cultivated in a South American country.

The marijuana was transported in a Land Cruiser. The agents were checking the cars traveling on the street as part of a routine when the car approached. The officers noticed several bags in the back seat and noticed the driver was nervous.

“There was a strong odor of marijuana and then immediately they coordinated with the Drug Control Police (PCD),” said Capt. Erick Calderon yesterday, head of the local security forces.

He said the operation was performed by the so-called Operational Support Group (IAG), which has been acting in Limon for several weeks.

The driver of the car was identified as the last name Perez, a resident of Leo XIII Tibás. Besides drugs he possessed a 40 caliber pistol and several bullets.

Also confiscated was ¢320 000, a portable radio communication and two cell phones. Now the man is under order of the court in Limón.

Marijuana “High Net” is usually introduced into the country through the Sixaola Panama border, Calderon acknowledged.

So the police are reviewing almost daily, vehicles and buses at various checkpoints.

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