Police Evicted Families Who Live Along Shores of San Juan

Security forces yesterday evicted three families who had moved on to ranches on the edge of neighboring Costa Rica San Juan River, near Tiricias of Pocosol, in the canton of San Carlos, Alajuela.

Two other families voluntarily abandoned structures raised on the site before the police arrived. The ranches were built between the river and the border trail built by the government along the border, within a mile border state property.

At 9 a. m., a patrol of the police station in Los Chiles came to the site to solicit the people to leave. There were no altercations.

The ranches were built of planks, sticks, sheets of zinc and even geomembrane which was placed by the government to protect some of the banks made ​​in the opening of the trail.

Rogelio Mendoza, who moved to the site with his wife and two children (six and five years old), said his boss had sent him to live in the place.

“because I do not have documents, I have no other choice than leave,” said the man, who the police searched his ranch.

Mendoza said his children are Costa Rican and his family had more than a year living in Llano Pocosol Green.

Moises Picado, was another eviction. With his wife and children, he disarmed the walls and roof to try to fine a place to live. Probably they will go to a place named Caño Barlola.

The security forces found that someone placed stakes to set the limits of some supposed lots. Furthermore, there is burned brush and a large amount of withdrawal of the slopes geomembrane to use as construction material for farms.

After ordering the evictions, police traveled to a place called Infiernillo. While the police made ​​the journey, flew a helicopter air Nicaraguan side.

Alfonso Elizondo Tiricias neighbor, complained that young Sandinistas insult to the people of Costa Rican side every time they pass by the river

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