Police disappears and returns five hours later without weapons or uniforms

An officer of the security forces who disappeared while working at a checkpoint in the neighborhood of Leon XIII, in Tibás, returned to the scene five hours later without the uniform and the weapon.

The agent, named Serrano, 30 years old, claimed he had been assaulted, but had no signs of shock – the Ministry of Public Security announced that it will open a criminal investigation.

This started yesterday at 3:30 a. m., when the police went to make a physiological need and did not return. The situation alerted colleagues because they feared that he had been assaulted or retain offenders in the area.

As the hours passed and did not appear, were moved to the site about 20 officers of the security forces and six police cars that began a journey through the various streets of Leo XIII.

Serrano appeared at 8:30 a. m. in civilian clothes.

Both the Deputy Minister of Security Celso Gamboa, as the deputy director of the Public Force, Paul Bertozzi, said the officer gave different and inconsistent statements.

Gamboa said that for that reason the documentation is prepared to report it to the prosecution for crime simulation.

He added that it is very probable that Serrano was under the influence of any substance that could be drugs or alcohol, and said that apparently interacted with other people the wrong way during business hours.

Bertozzi Serrano explained that belongs to the Police Station of Desamparados, and Tuesday night he was sent to Tibás, to strengthen the work on Leo XIII.