Police Bust Baby With 75 Rocks of Crack Cocaine

The police conducted a routine operation in the area of Torremolinos on Desamparados, this as part of monitoring to search for stolen guns from the traffic police storage yard a few weeks ago.

The officers were driving around the area when they found the youngest “donkey”, in the country. A 2 year old child ,who was carrying 75 stones in a bag of crack.

The child was found walking in the area. When officers tried to help the child to find his family, they found the stones crack behind the child’s back.

Juan José Andrade, Director of the Public Force, confirmed what had happened. He commented that it took immediate intervention of the DPP and the PANI.

The boy’s mother, a resident of Torremolinos, was placed in custody and the child was transferred to the orders of PANI.

Alajuelita and Tables were other communities that were part of the operation.

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