Poachers In Palo Verde National Park

Believe it or not, there are still unscrupulous people who hunt wild animals for pleasure only. But the worst is, they do not care if the animals are female mothers, as in this case…

Particular people who support the work of patrols in national parks, sent photographs showing the poaching hunters this time in the Palo Verde National Park. These pictures show 3 dead deer.

The incident occurred April 28 at about 8:35 am, when these individuals were on their way, they heard several shots.

When they arrived at, they found a terrible scene. The hunters killed a female and her brood also had them ready to take them and probably use them for human consumption.

MINAET authorities and the OIJ make efforts to find those responsible for this.

As the minister indicated, these animals were placed in the area inhabited by pumas and jaguars to feed on these prey.

The authorities are aware that there is much to do to stop poaching. because that hunters continue to cause damage to the Palo Verde National Park in Bagaces, Guanacaste.

Another photograph shows a crocodile that was cut up, where they took the tail and legs. The rest of the body was found in one of the channels of the park.

The campaign collected funds to save Palo Verde to donate equipment to the park, but the fight against hunters should be part of this campaign.

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