Platina Bridge Part II

The “Platina Bridge” – Chapter 2: the National Roads Authority (Conavi) squandered nearly $4 million in a grid covered with concrete that began to crumble within just ten days of use.

One year, five months and 29 days later, the same entity announces a new intervention, this time of $ 5 million unsuccessful to change the road surface and bridge strengthening infrastructure.

Jose Luis Salas, Conavi new director, said in a few weeks will sign a new contract.

The plan includes widening the bridge piers (foundation) with more concrete and steel, making rigid three-dimensional truss (which is at the center), expand the supports that hold the superstructure and use stops to reduce the oscillation.

These proposals are in advance of the study, which the Conavi hired the engineer Carlos Fernandez, who recognizes the need to strengthen the bridge to resist strong earthquakes.

In addition, make rigid the structure of 160 meters carrying capacity increases, said Fernandez.