Plastic bags provoked a fire in the Estadio Nacional

national stadium

Héctor Chavez, chief of the fire department in Costa Rica, explained this noon in a press conference that the plastic bags were the ones that provoked the fire that occurred last night at the National Stadium.
Chavez added that the accident happened due to a mistake from the company hired to perform the fireworks from the Inauguration of the Central American Games, named Faisa.

“There was a mistake when covering the fireworks with plastic bags and not removing the bags at the moment of the show”, Indicated the fire department chief.

Jorge Villalobos, general secretary of the Central-American games, in which inauguration the fire happened, pointed that the costs of repairs will be covered by Faisa.

While asked by the damage costs, Edgar Barrantes, manager of the stadium, said that he still doesn’t know but no structural flaws were presented, and the light systems of the stadium were intact.
Jorge Villalobos explained that there was a company hired to do the fireworks months before-hand but just 22 days prior to the event resigned, they had to look for a new company willing to do all the work again in a rush. Luckily they got this other company Faisa that has always done the fireworks for important events.

With little to no preparation they had to redo everything again, it was never pointed out that the job was poorly done, in fact almost everyone agrees that it was a simple accident and nothing to worry about since no human life’s were in danger at any point, and no-one was injured either.

It was controlled by the firefighting team with patience so that they didn’t damage the structure or risked the light systems, everything to minimize losses and costs of repairs.

The only damage done was on the roof of the building but just a few pieces of roof-top needs to be replaced.