Perez Zeledon Hospital In Financial Troubles

Authorities of the Escalante Pradilla Hospital in San Isidro de El General, reported lack of money to pay overtime and availability to medical specialists for emergency care.

This situation expounded in the center’s director, Alexis Rodriguez to three managers of the Social Security Fund (CCSS) who visited the hospital in the south this morning.

According to Rodriguez, they require an additional ¢ 1,000 million to cover the payment of overtime and availability for all this year.

The overtime times and availabilities are used for doctors, including gynecologists, orthopedic surgeons or surgeons, among other professionals caring for patients after normal business hours (7 am to 4 pm).

“The hospital received the budget for most of its activities (¢ 28,000 million for 2012), but there are some critical areas such as patient care in the not ordinary”Rodriguez said.

The Financial Manager of the CCSS, Gustavo Picado said, “We came herebecause we want to tell us what their needs, but also need to know what they are willing to contribute.”

For its part, the representative of the Union of Professional Medical Sciences, Marvin Atencio, warned that lack of funds will cause the suspension of medicalguards, and will affect basic services such as pharmacy.

“If there is no budget, we could close some important services, in overtime, such as X-rays, lab and medical guards” Atencio said.

According to Picado, they will analyze the ideas and proposals to present a solution in the coming days.

At the meeting, nearly three hours, were also present the Administrative Manager, Fernando Campo, and Medical Manager, Maria Villalta.

The hospital serves about 36,000 Perez Zeledon patients per month. Director warned that its users could be affected not reach agreement in the short term.

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