Perez Zeledon Blood Drive A Success

costa rica blood donor

More than three hundred people participated in the activity “Perez Zeledon in Action”, to donate blood.

The civic group “Perez Zeledon in Action”, proposed a campaign of blood donation to the City of Canton, who supported the idea and was achieved after several months of work.

Plenty of Blood Bank staff traveled to the southern sector of Perez Zeledon district to prepare the necessary equipment to receive the donor. Hundreds of people from different parts of the areas around Perez Zeledon showed up to help.

First visited with companies, the blood bank gave the information for recruitment of donors, then through on the social network Facebook, people are invited to attend while the surprise is that they exceeded the goal of three hundred people.

Erna Meléndez of the Blood Bank, said they came prepared to serve three hundred people, but more people came than expected, so another visit will be pending.

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