Paso Canoas Immigration Workers Destroy Evidence

Migration officials in Paso Canoas have been linked to alleged infringements. These officials stamped passports of people barred from leaving the country and threw away evidence that could expose their activity.

This became evident after a raid by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. Here a hawk(person who works to streamline procedures for money) his surname Navarro Calderon, collaborated for a man barred from leaving the country to permit him to cross the border legally.

An immigration official in Paso Canoas Granados surname Mendez, rejected the first attempt at negotiation to seal the passport of the man who had been barred from leaving the country. But at the end of the negotiations where there was money involved, the public official stamp his passport so he could leave the country legally.

At first the hawk charged $300, but after the passport was stamped the price increased to $400.

The aide would give the remaining money, about 160 thousand colones to a bank in Ciudad Neily.

At that time and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s fraud section took OIJ to execute a search order to make the catch.

The OIJ identified the hawk and the staff as members of an organization that operates in the area and would have others within and outside the immigration office.

On February 23 as agreed earlier, the employee goes to the bank Ciudad Neily then awaits the arrival of the hawk.

When he arrived, the hawk would give his passport — and the man was handed the money agreed.

Seconds later the agents of the fraud section of the OIJ arrested the first suspect.

After the capture of the hawk the agents would seize previously marked money and the passport of the employee which had been illegally stamped for his departure.

Almost immediately the agents searched the immigration office in Paso Canoas where another officer surnamed Granados Mendez was working.

It was concluded that this agent has destroyed documents showing the illegal transport of barred persons from the systems and files in the office.

But along with these documents they found others of the same, but this time from illegal aliens who allegedly would renew their tourism permit the same day he sealed the passport to our partner in preventing exit. This is not normal as you have to leave the country for 3 full days upon returning legally back to Costa Rica for another 90 days.

These two individuals are free under precautionary measures like signing every 15 days, not to be close to Paso Canoas despite the prosecution requesting three months of detention. Given the nature of crime and living in a border zone vulnerable to his escape from the country.

But such irregular actions revealed in this report show this has been occurring for a long time in the immigration office in Paso Canoas.

There is actually a criminal complaint filed since 2009 in the prosecution of brokers by two officials from that office.

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