Pamela Anderson Speaks Out Over Paul Watson’s Extradition

The actress Pamela Anderson came out yesterday in defense of the founder of the environmental organization Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson, who is in Germany awaiting extradition to Costa Rica.

Costa Rican judicial authorities, claim the extradition of Watson for failing to appear in the 2006 trial for the crime of risk of injury wreck fishing in Puntarenas.

The exvigilante from the beach, 44 years old, said in a press conference in Frankfurt, along with Watson, when she heard the case of activist, decided to support him.

Anderson recalled that she when she was three years old, she protected the animals and even got her father abandoned the chase. She demanded an end to the possible extradition of Watson and said that “the whole world is watching this process.”

Last Monday, the Foreign Ministry sent an official policy to Germany the warrant of extradition and prosecution, translated into English, French and German.

Anderson, flanked recalled that, like Watson, is from the Canadian province of British Columbia, and she has in common with the environmentalist she also defends the rights of animals .

The blonde actress, also dressed in black, wearing a miniskirt and high heels shoes, said she has agreed with with Watson for the first time in Frankfurt, because “Paul is always traveling.”

The activist, arrested at Frankfurt airport on May 13 and released a week later on bail of 250,000 euros, described as illegal the arrest warrant filed by Costa Rica, but was willing to appear in a fair trial in the country.

Following the arrest of Watson, Sea Shepherd organization said the supposed offense occurred when the activist was filming in 2002 the documentary Sharkwater, on an illegal operation to remove shark fins on the ship by the Costa Rican Varadero I.

Environmentalist argued that shark fins make much money, “and the money buys a lot of power.”

“I hope the Federal Republic (of Germany) do not send me anywhere, where would be threatened my health or my life,” Watson said during the conference and said he hoped not to be extradited to Costa Rica.

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