Palo Verde National Park Gets Help From Big Business

Telenoticias campaign and the Association “Costa Rica Forever” has set the goal of donating equipment for the Palo Verde National Park in Bagaces, Guanacaste.

Remember that you have several ways to help in this cause that seeks to save our wetlands.

The National Park’s natural wealth is abundant both in its wetlands and in the forest.

For this reason, the use of one or two tractors are vital to the maintenance of the park. The lack of tools caused the plants, bush and tifa to gain ground and endanger our wetlands.

During this week several companies joined the call and the Association Telenoticias “Costa Rica Forever”, the goal is to donate equipment to PaloVerde.

Florida Beverage, Holcim, South Group, Maseca, Claro, Wal-Mart, Bridgestone Sardimar said yes to helping with the protection of wetlands.

In addition to making contributions to the account 100-01-000-213256-0 NationalBank, also ICE-enabled Kolbi code 7700, which you can simply send the phrase “SavePalo Verde” and donate 150 colones.

Among those who will help double the raffle 100 tickets in the Costa Rica qualifying match against El Salvador.

Also on Saturday, customers can help Kolbi prepaid and get more time to recharge.

Help save the wetlands of Palo Verde National Park, send your message to 7700 or make your deposit in order to preserve this natural jewel that Costa Ricans have.

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