Outbreak of diarrhea and respiratory infections for Costa Rican children

The rise in reported cases, in the month of September from diarrhea or respiratory infections in the National Children’s Hospital, rose the situation to the category of epidemic.

This was stated yesterday by the hospital director, Rodolfo Hernandez, and he urged to the parents to implement all preventive measures such as hand washing or use sneeze protocol.

In the hospital there were 49 children, of which 29 required mechanical ventilation. Last year at this time, only 15 children needed this device.

Meanwhile, emergency service have been saturated. “From 450 emergencies attended per day, 67% are for one of the two conditions,” said Hernandez.

Generally, the area of this hospital emergency care on 320 patients per day.

According to information from the chief at Children’s Hospital, the most affected are children under two years, and in addition, the younger the patientmore serious is the clinical condition.

Also, the number of patients has increased spending Medical Center. Hernandez said that the hospital spends ¢ 600,000 per day for patient admitted and ¢ 1 million, if the child needs a respirator.

Because of these conditions, if a child remains admitted an average of seven days, the cost per patient can reach ¢ 7 million.

“The authorities of the CCSS, said they are going to strengthen budgetary” he said.

The hospital has an annual budget of ¢ 4,600 million.

For his part, Fernando Morales, director of the National Hospital of Geriatrics and Gerontology, noted that daily received 15 patients with respiratory problems and ten with diarrhea.

However, Morales said that there is no increase in cases compared to 2011, but he said that this is a time of year which recorded more patients with pneumonia.