Opposition Criticizes Fiscal Plan

Opposition MPs criticize and lament the lack of social mobilization against the tax plan negotiated between the Government and the CAP.

Although there have been demonstrations and protests, none has had the impact and call necessary to halt or modify the tax proposal.

The libertarian congressman Manuel Hernandez said they had no support from those most affected to protest against tax reform.

Hernandez explained that delayed the vote and filed motions to allow time for social groups and unions to band together, however, recognizes that this was not achieved.

The Broad Front deputy Jose Maria Villalta said that the fight against tax plan has been “off”.

Villalta says it is wrong to rely on the Constitutional Court rule against the tax plan.

The project which taxes goods and services with the Value Added Tax of 14%was passed on first reading on Wednesday of this week.

The text also generates a 2% tax on health and education, gravel banking fees, companies free zones, among others.

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