Open Doors for Entrepreneurs in Costa Rica


Smart investors looking to expand their investment portfolios and diversify their assets, are finding their way to the tropical land of Costa Rica in ever growing numbers, as are entrepreneurs looking for opportunity in one of the fastest growing emerging market on the globe.

If one had to choose a single word to describe Costa Rica, it’s “opportunity.” Costa Rica is on the front line of opportunity in Central America.

The Costa Rican government is highly focused with innovative programs and incentives to make entrepreneurial pioneers and investors feel welcome. Opening a business in Costa Rica is straightforward whether you are starting from scratch or acquiring an existing business. Entrepreneur in Costa Rica enjoy significant tax advantages when you set up your business correctly.

As a result of pro-active policies and processes, Costa Rica is enjoying a rush of North Americans and Europeans, all making their way to this country to set up shop and get their own piece of the pie.

The open door business environment is encouraging growth and opportunity in innovation and investment across the entire playing field, especially in Costa Rica real estate.

During global housing crisis in the past 4 years, the Costa Rica real estate market has been incredibly resistant compared to the real estate markets in other Central America countries. With prices rolled back due to the economic crisis, current real estate buyers are finding opportunity on income and lifestyle properties throughout the country.

Not only is real estate on the radar for investors but corporate investment has seen extensive growth as well. One of the biggest attractors for corporations looking at moving or developing operations in Costa Rica is the Free Zone Legislation; here are the bullets…

According to CINDE (Costa Rican investment Promotion Agency), among the corporate benefits available under the provisions of the Free Zone Legislation, corporations can find:

• 100% exemption on capital taxes
• 100% exemption on import duties on raw materials, components and capital goods
• 100% exemption on corporate income tax
• 100% exemption on export taxes, local sales and excise taxes
• No restrictions on capital/profit repatriation or foreign currency management
• Expedited on-site Customs clearance
• Possibility to sell to exporters within Costa Rica

Small business start-up investors are finding abundant opportunity and as well the processes involved in starting a small business has been greatly simplified in recent years, in many cases buying an existing business that is already in a S.A. (which stands for “Sociedad Anónima”, or “Anonymous Society”) is a simple matter of a signature which transfers all assets in the S.A. to the new owner.

Further, consider that Costa Rica is still a “developing country”, this means that many businesses ideas and markets that are fully developed in North America are still new here, so there is no shortage of opportunity for smart, savvy small business entrepreneurs.

So whether you are looking for a small business, larger corporate development or amazing real estate investments, check out Costa Rica and discover why it’s called the new ‘land of opportunity” by so many entrepreneurs and investors – the doors are open!


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