Only 14 of every 100 applicants pass process to become police officers

Only 14 of every 100 applicants earn the process required by the Ministry of Public Security to fill the new positions created by the government police.

So far this year, for example, little more than 1,400 people applied for one of these positions, in the 11 exhibitions organized by the Ministry in different parts of the country to attract candidates.

However, about 1,100 candidates have already been discarded and the process still not finished, said Kenneth Sanchez, Manager Recruitment Security portfolio.

The majority of applicants are rejected at the first of four tests that the Ministry will apply: the psychological. There remain 69 out of 100.

Another 15 did not pass the following filters: medical examination, physical evidence and the study of life and customs.

With this last strainer, through visits to the house and the neighborhood of the candidate, is to avoid the infiltration of people linked to drug sales or problem behaviors, in addition to check their backgrounds.

Finally, of the 16 who are eligible to enter the National Police Academy, on average, one to two fail the basic course, said Erick Lacayo, director of that institution.

This process of selection and recruitment has a duration of one year.

In fact, in a report provided by the Human Resources department of the Ministry of Security to the Comptroller General of the Republic, it is mentioned that the police recruitment process is “very expensive and long”, which hinders the realization of the goal determined by the Government.

In the National Development Plan, the Chinchilla administration promised in 4000 to increase the number of agents (12,000 to 16,000). But the Comptroller is concerned that the first half of 2012, no progress or 20%.

Marcela Chacon and Augustine Barquero, minister and deputy minister of security, said that her ministry has a schedule to meet the goal, which concentrates more numerous contracts in the past two years.

Today they said the country has about 13,000 policemen.