One Million Insured Lost Medical Appointments

In many cases, doctors called the patients who never showed up for their checks in Ebais, clinics and hospitals.

Last year, the health centers of the CCSS gave 10.1 million medical appointments, but 1.1 million (11%) of insured persons were not to the consultations.

Of 10.1 million appointments, only 400,000 patients were presented again to replenish their appointments (34%).

The list corresponds to absence of 2011 data provided by the Social Security Fund (CCSS).

“This absence increases the waiting lists, it affects the management of the centers, but more importantly, the health of the insured,” warns Maria Eugenia Villalta, medical manager of the CCSS.

Why so many insured persons fail to inquiries? if they themselves have to get up early and wait to get an appointments?

The hospital Raúl Blanco Cervantes, was given the task of investigating why older 5790 did not go to medical checkups.

The center’s director, Fernando Morales, said that older adults do not attend appointments, because they do not remember the day, or they need that a family member or friend to accompany them and economic problems.

To lower absenteeism, Morales said they opened a telephone line (800-2258-26-74) for patients to cancel the appointment, the day before. In this way, space is assigned to another patient.

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