One Laptop Per Child Programs Comes Alive


1,500 children’s faces were filled with enthusiasm when each received one of the 25 000 personal computers donated by the Ministry of Education and the Foundation Tanzi public schools, as part of the (Conectándonos.).

The plan aims to implement an integrated platform that includes the structure necessary for the interconnection of equipment and maintenance and continuous training of teachers.

“One of the great efforts we have been developing in the MEP, in recent years, is to give students the opportunity to have more and better tools in the field of technology. In this way in their classrooms, they can further develop their skills andwhat this could mean for their future careers, “said Leonardo Garnier, Minister of Education.

This first stage will deliver computers to children in 15 schools located in San Isidro de Alajuela, Santa Teresita de Turrialba, Rio Cuarto de Grecia, San RafaelSanta Ana and the Union.

The organization “One Laptop per Child” was the one who designed the computers that were donated to these 1,500 elementary students. Its design allows use in school age children and transport them easily because they are resistant to shock, which can also be used inside or outside the classroom, while they remain in coordination with the computer “Mother”. The computer “mother” may only be used by the teacher. This also makes a team is not attractive to thieves, who are often confused with toy equipment. In addition, parties are not compatible with other equipment, so that you can not subtract to sell separately.

Each computer is equipped with a webcam, microphone, three USB ports, wireless and speakers, which facilitates learning.

Another characteristic of these computers is that they use the Sugar operating system, which promotes collaborative learning through activities that encourage critical thinking and creative development.

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