Oil Price Reductions Has Not Come To Costa Rica

costa rica gas prices

Costa Rican drivers are not benefiting from the fall in world oil prices and its derivatives due to suspension adjustments ordered by the Constitutional Court.

Gasoline earlier this year passed the barrier of $ 100, closed this week down of 5.08% until reaching $ 79.76, according to reports from the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Prices for refined products, which are bought by Recope also diminished, although to a lesser extent.

A barrel of gasoline plus went from $ 127.04 in April to $ 116.51 in June. The diesel went down from $ 131.45 to $ 115.44 in the same period.

Local prices, however, have been frozen since April when a user appeal against the constitutional court, the deadline given by the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep) to review the price adjustments.

Following this was suspended a rise to be applied in May and a reduction this month.

The final result is that drivers today are paying 7 more than they should for the petrol. The liter is fixed at ¢ 746, but should cost 739.

People who use gasoline plus has a great affectation, because they are buying the product with more per liter.

For a driver, this represents additional 900 when filling the tank with 45 liters.

In diesel, the situation is similar for every liter has a surcharge of 23 colones . That fuel is sold at ¢ 667 instead of the 644 in to be offered.

However, the prices here are not so different from those of other Latin American markets.

Yesterday, the justices cleared the path for the Aresep, to solve the two appeals for protection of the user Jose Antonio Rojas.

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