OIJ Involved in Operation Concerning Border Road

Two teams from the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), entered a housing complex on the Boulevard San Francisco in Santo Domingo de Heredia.

This as part of an operation of several raids and construction machinery companies that performed work on the trail border.

Official OIJ were exposed at the scene, along with a judge and two prosecutors.

The installations raided, apparently belonging to the New Century construction. For the refusal of the owners to open the main gate, the officers used force up the structure that gives entrance to the complex.

Then, using logs, kept the door open for police vehicles from entering.

The local residents, preferred not to refer to the owners of the houses raided and said that people who live here are “very separate people.”

Simultaneously, in San Rafael de Heredia also raided a house associated with the construction company Inversiones Campos Soto.

There ,the neighbors said that judicial officers were recently and took records.

At this time, the authorities conducted raids on businesses, homes and even lots of companies located in Greece, San Carlos and Tibás.

All cases related to problems encountered in building parallel to Route 1856 River San Juan, called by the Government as Juan Rafael Mora Porra, by the National Roads Authority (Conavi).

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