OIJ Capture Six Thieves During Car Chase

Agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) captured six individuals in an investigation for stealing four cars.

The robbery occurred about 4:55 a.m yesterday in the Infiernillo, San Jose, Alajuela.

Authorities said they received a confidential call that several criminals committed a robbery at a workshop of the place.

When they received the alert officials organized an emergency operation and requested the cooperation of the local police.

When the judicial officers arrived the individuals had entered the establishment by forcing the front door open.

When the robbers saw the officers, the suspects fled from the site in four vehicles stolen from the workshop.

According to authorities, about two miles from the workshop they managed to arrest the six suspects.

The judicial officers confiscated three cars Toyota Land Cruiser and another new Citroen. In addition, cash and office supplies.

The official said that the workshop where the theft occurred is responsible for conducting vehicle modifications.

Milton Alvarado, regional head of the security forces in Alajuela, said that the establishment installed ramps for the disabled.

He also explained that the three Toyota vehicles would be suitable for transporting detainees, but it was not possible to determine who owns them.

The captured criminals were identified with the names Calvo Rodriguez Delgado, Gutierrez, Perez, and Angulo.

The thieves are between 19 and 20 years of age. According OIJ agents, four of the suspects have criminal records.

The security forces supported the work of the judicial officers of the Regional Delegation of Alajuela, due to “extremely dangerous area”.

The authorities transferred the detainees to the Office of flagrancy, for processing and determine its legal situation.

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