OIJ And Police Capture 14 Suspects In Various Crimes In Limon

Officers of the Armed Forces and the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) conducted raids in Parismina Guácimo, Jimenez Pococí and Tibás, San Jose.

They confiscated approximately ¢17 billion in cash, six firearms (9mm), five cars, seven cell phones and over 20 phone chips.

The detainees are a woman named Zapata and 13 men.

The individuals were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping for extortion that occurred on Friday afternoon in Columbus neighborhood of Limon.

The first operation occurred on Saturday at 2:30 am, in the Saopim road, passing through Parismina of Guácimo, Limón, where security forces stopped a car. In the vehicle – an Audi – carrying four people.

The judicial officers of Limon found in the Audi several firearms and ¢11 million in cash.

The second police action also occurred in the early morning Pococí Jimenez, where they stopped two cars with five people aboard. In the cars, a Mitsubishi and a Hyundai, police found about ¢4 million in cash and also several firearms. The money was in plastic bags.

The third operation was in Tibás, San Jose, where the OIJ arrested four men as they traveled in two cars, which were seized. Three of the detainees have criminal records.

Marlon Cubillo, regional director of the security forces in Limon said they helped the OIJ for the capture of suspects in the kidnapping.

The Judicial Police did not specify at what time criminals set free to the employer. Only reported that the vehicle of the victim was found in the town of Villa del Mar de Limon.

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