OECD to Review Costa Rica Public Policies for Entry


Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s government introduced a work plan to enter the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for its public policies.

“This plan is a critical step in our approach to the OECD. (We will) present a detailed program, allowing us to prepare ourselves to be invited to join in 2015,” said the Rican Foreign Trade Minister, Anabel González.

This work program includes three areas: a review of various public policies, underwriting of various instruments of the OECD and the presence on committees of that body.

As for public policy, Costa Rica will undergo an assessment of OECD agriculture, statistics, economic policy, competition policy, trade openness, innovation, education, vocational training and governance.

“The review studies the public policy through a systematic assessment and aims to support the country in improving these policies and ensure our approach to best practices in the organization,” said the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Costa Rica also must sign nine documents related to organizational issues such as employment, gender equality, education, youth, waste management, chemical management and transparency, among others.

Costa Rica also plans to participate in 18 working committees of the OECD.

According to the Government, the action plan for accession to the OECD was developed in collaboration with the secretariat of the agency.

Costa Rica “is a benchmark of stability and global best practices” so there is an interest of the to be integrated into organization, to benefit from the experience of other members and provide input on issues such as political green, attracting investment and clean energy.

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