Nicaragua Claims Costa Rica is Expanding Disputed Territory


Costa Rica News – A Nicaragua representative, Carlos Arguello, reported to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that Costa Rica is demanding more territory in the provisional measures requested the high court of the UN.

“Costa Rica is now claiming a larger territory that ever before,” said Arguello, Nicaraguan ambassador, told official media.

The ICJ held a hearing on emergency precautionary measures requested by Costa Rica, as a result of the construction of two channels by Nicaragua in a disputed area, located at the mouth of the San Juan River border of Nicaraguan sovereignty.

Costa Rica claims Nicaragua has a military presence on an island that is not in dispute, at the mouth of San Juan, which is opposite the disputed area of 2.5 hectares, and “it has never been disputed by Costa Rica “.

Arguello said that Costa Rica had never disputed that area until now before the ICJ, “(it was) presented as if it is something new that Nicaragua was doing,” related to the construction of two new channels in action led by Edén Pastora, the Sandinista guerrilla former commander who is in charge of dredging and cleaning the river.

The ICJ judges will vote “as soon as possible” on the provisional measures requested by Costa Rica, according to sources.

In March 2011 the high court ordered Costa Rica and Nicaragua do not send or park military and police forces, not civilians in the area known as Isla Portillos.

The ICJ is addressing the claim by Costa Rica presented in 2010 along with another filed a year later by Nicaragua against Costa Rica for alleged environmental damage caused San Juan River during construction of a border road.

Nicaragua has requested provisional measures regarding the construction of this road by Costa Rica, on which the ICJ has scheduled four days of hearings in early November.

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