New RITEVE Guidelines May Save You Money


The new manual of technical review (RITEVE), seems to have been beneficial to vehicle owners. Yesterday, on its first day of operation, there was a drop of between 5% and 10% of rejections of vehicles throughout the stations of Riteve SyC – a Spanish company.

This was confirmed by Marvin Salazar, head of the Department of Technical Control of Vehicular Traffic Safety Council (COSEVI), an agency that was in charge of introducing new requirements to overcome the review. According to Salazar, the data were supplied by the area of ​​statistics SyC Riteve.

“The decrease is very volatile. We have a general average of reinspections that occur at each station. Compared with this, it shows the downside, “said the official.

In the terminal Alajuelita (San Jose), the reduction in vehicular rejection was 15% on Friday. Meanwhile, in the Barreal (Heredia), was 5%.

To Berlioth Herrera, spokeswoman Riteve SyC, the data are not conclusive yet. In her opinion it is necessary to give more time to make comparisons.

“Today (yesterday) was compared with the behavior that is showing came in the last days. However, is very recent out of this manual, “she explained.”

In the new rules, some considered serious offenses became minor and vice versa.

For example, light plate or a directional burned, it is not serious. Is not serious if a spare tire is not properly attached to the car or if the brushes are worn.

The reduction in rejection was no surprise to Silvia Bolaños, director of COSEVI. “With this change we made to the plan, they expect a decline in the number of reinspections.”

One of the goals, “she said. For 2010, according to the firm, 55% of vehicles that arrived to technical review for the first time were rejected.

“That’s exactly what we want to avoid. The reinspection was sometimes caused by faults that did not interfere in road safety.” added the director of COSEVI.

These circumstances, she said, obliged the owners to make spending money and time.

In spite of the apparent benefits of the legislation, drivers were not very informed. “I do not know why they changed. I totally misplaced, “said Carlos Carvajal, dealers 53 years of age.

In the same sense the mechanic said Freddy Zapata. “I know nothing about it. Hopefully that will come to help and not come to hurt the pocket.” he said.

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