New More Strict Traffic Laws Begin

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The deputies approved the new traffic law, whose maximum fine will ¢ 280,000 for drunk drivers and reckless drivers.

This fine comes under the category “A” of sanctions, one of five ways that punish persons who violate the law.

The penalty also fall to drivers with expired or suspended license, and making improper overtaking, lane invade, and turn in U.

The project received the votes of 43 deputies and discussed as case 18032.

“Return the authority, and order on the roads, is a very strong law is the only way the law works, but not abusive in fines as the previous law,” said the head of the PLN, Fabio Molina.

In the category “B” punished with ¢ 189,000 who do not carry safety seats for children under 12 years or who measures less than 1.45 meters. It would also apply to those who do not respect the stop signs, traffic lights or alter the plate.

The category “C”, punished with ¢ 94,000. driving without a license or with permission expired, and who travel more than 25 kilometers per hour over the limit.

While the “D” is reserved for ¢ 47,000 ballots for who disrespects traffic signs and priorities of way. It also applies to drivers of motorcycles or mopeds autorreflectiva without proper attire, or who drives more than 20 miles over the limit.

Finally the “E” ¢ 20,000 fine applies to the use of loudspeakers within 100 meters of clinics, hospitals, schools and churches.

The proposal had been voted in first reading on June 21, and today completed its legislative process.

The plan now goes to the hands of the Executive to finalize its sanctioning process (which is the label that should put the President of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla) and publication in the official Gaceta.