Nery Brenes Wins Gold Now Costa Rica Has to Pay Him 117 Million

nery brenes

The Ministry of Culture and Youth acknowledged it has no budget to pay 117 000 000 Costa Rican colones to athlete Nery Brenes.

He is the new world champion in the 400 meter World Indoor Athletics in Istanbul, Turkey.

However, the payment will become effective.

Today the Minister of Culture, Manuel Obregon, will meet with President of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla, and ICODER authorities to seek a solution.

In October 1997, they created the “National Sports Award Claudia Poll,” which provides recognition to Costa Rican athletes who achieved world championships or Olympic medals.

The award is equal to an amount of 100 minimum wages to the Director of Civil Service, which is equivalent now to ¢117 million colones.

Nevertheless, Obregon acknowledged that it is impossible to pay the amount “each time an athlete wins.”

However, he said it is well deserved for the State to recognize outstanding athletes, but “we must find solutions and establish who gets to award the prizes.”

The “National Sports Award Claudia Poll” was delivered only once and was given to the swimmer to win the gold medal in the 200 meters freestyle at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and bronze medals 200 and 400 freestyle at Sydney 2000.

The boxer Hanna Gabriels, who proclaimed world boxing champion at 154 pounds in 2010, has not received the award.

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