Nazi Following Costa Rican Police Officer FIRED

Protected by Article 140 of the Constitution and Code of Ethics of the Public Force in the Ministry of Security insist that officers can not openly declare themselves followers of Nazi ideology.

The ministry is conducting an investigation, because it is suspecting that other police officers are sympathetic to Nazi ideology.

Ronald Herrera Borges, 26, who appears in photographs posted on the social network Facebook, cost him his job. But he says that the dismissal was unjustified because he has not committed any crime and insisted that the country has freedom of belonging to different ideologies.

The former officer has five days to appeal the action and make rebuttals.

However in the security forces they are confident that the law protects them and that this young man will return to the institution.

According to experts, the courts and the Ministry of Labour who have the final word in this case, the young man had more than two years working as a policeman and that gives certain rights to request a due process.

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